Two articles caught my attention today and both deal with the EU’s realization that it must pull up its socks and get real if it wants to be a player in the international game of thrones. To quote:

The EU’s foreign policy is inadequate to the task of keeping Europe safe in today’s world of great power politics and uncertainty.

Over the last five years, trust between Brussels and member states dwindled, and policy came to reflect the lowest common denominator of popular opinion.

The coming five years herald acute pressure on Europe, particularly as Russia, China, and the US undermine multilateral institutions and treat trade, finance data, and security guarantees as instruments of power rather than global public goods.

European countries are increasingly vulnerable to external pressure that prevents them from exercising their sovereignty.

This vulnerability threatens the European Union’s security, economic health, and diplomatic freedom of action, allowing other powers to impose their preferences on it.

Most fundamentally, the EU needs to learn to think like a geopolitical power. 

The EU’s common foreign and security policy was established under the Maastricht Treaty in 1993. 26 years later it is still learning how adopt a geopolitical mindset. Maybe its time for a European Security Council, as proposed by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. Even Africa has the African Union Peace and Security Council. Why should Europe lag behind?

Introspection in the European Union

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