Tatler reports that UK applications to North American universities are booming.

It’s not Felicity Huffman and the tiger parents of the US who are going to extreme lengths to secure places for their children at top American universities – the fever has well and truly caught on in the UK. Sparkling campuses, top-notch pastoral care and wide-ranging liberal arts degrees, combined with pupils’ desire to be global citizens, are luring leavers across the Atlantic.

Since tuition costs in the UK are approaching US levels parents are considering sending their offspring to US universities after reassessing the comparative value of a degree at a British institution. That, and the desire of students to widen their horizons and relishing the global perspective that studying abroad offers seem to be the prime motivators for this new trend.

Update: Tatler (where would I be without it?) reports that an American billionaire has just granted £150 million to Oxford University, making it the largest philanthropic gift in British history. The Stephen A Schwarzman Centre, named after its benefactor of the Blackstone private equity group, will be a one-stop shop for the humanities, placing English, history, linguistics, languages, philosophy, music and religion in one building. Where all those graduates are going to find jobs is another matter. Maybe at their local Job Centre, the one-stop shop for graduates with useless degrees.

Update: The British are coming!

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