I have been following the events in Hong Kong with grave concern for some time now but this article in the Asia Times brought my concerns to a point: how long will China stand by and let the citizens of Hong Kong voice their grievances? The South China Morning Post chimes in with series of articles on the situation in Hong Kong and quotes Gal Luft, co-director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security:

“China is not going to relinquish sovereignty over Hong Kong. What is more likely to happen is that international businesses, which until recently viewed Hong Kong as paragon of stability, will no longer view the island as such and will begin to flock to greener pastures. Nothing can harm Hong Kong’s future more than a business exodus. Yet, this is exactly what the protesters are toying with.”

China, like a Komodo dragon that has bitten its prey, can simply sit by and wait for the poison of money to take its toll and make Hong Kong a captive again.

I worry about Hong Kong

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