Mexico president says El Chapo’s drug wealth should go to Mexico

Reuters reports that El Chapo’s drug wealth, said to be billions of dollars, should go to Mexico’s indigenous people.

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced earlier this year the creation of a “Robin Hood” institute to return ill-gotten wealth to the Mexican people.

Mexico ranks 138 out of 180 countries in the corruption scale maintained by Transparency International. What can go wrong?

The dark side of the Caribbean

The Spanish daily El País and the Central American Internet journalism project El Faro have teamed up for a large-scale multi-part report on Mexico’s southernmost frontier, “the Latin American dividing line that is crossed by most people on a daily basis, as one of the most-crossed borders of the world.”

The coastal area shared by Mexico, Guatemala and Belize is one of the most porous and little-known regions in the southern America border. Via three feature articles – in Xcalak, a remote Mexican village that lives off the cocaine that washes up from the sea; in Blue Creek, the powerful economic engine of the Mennonites; and in Puerto Barrios, the dark Guatemalan port in the Atlantic – this special report describes the enigmatic reality that exists just a stone’s throw from some of the biggest tourist attractions in the world.