Oops! Scientists Question “Man-made Climate Change”

How could this happen? Are you trying to tell me that in this day and age, with human activity climate change deniers being stoned and quartered (figuratively, at least for now) almost every day, there is still research money being spent on science that aims to disprove that human beings are to blame for climate change? Finnish research claims that human activity only accounted for 0.01°C of the 0.1°C temperature increase during the last hundred years while a Japanese study claims that low cloud cover was to blame for the increase in temperature.

Now there is a new Chinese study that found that winters in northern China have been warming since 4,000BC – regardless of human activity. Driving forces include the sun, the atmosphere, and its interaction with the ocean. The study also suggested that the impact of the sun on the Earth’s climate may be greater than previously thought. As a result of the research findings, the Chinese scientists are now more worried about cooling than warming. “A sharp drop of temperature will benefit nobody. The biggest problem is, we know it will come, but we don’t know exactly when.”

Looks like the last word in climate research has not been spoken which is exactly as it should be.

American crocodiles, once nearing extinction, are thriving at nuclear recator

You heard right: American crocodiles, not alligators, are thriving at an unusual spot – the canals surrounding the South Florida Turkey Point nuclear plant. Turkey Point’s 168-mile (270 kilometers) of man-made canals serve as the home to several hundred crocodiles, where a team of specialists working for Florida Power&Light monitors and protects them from hunting and climate change.

500 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed

UNESCO reports that the freshwater shortfall worldwide will rise to 500 trillion gallons per year by 2025. The World Economic Forum says that shortage of fresh water may be the primary global threat in the next decade. What to do? Why, build 1,500 nuclear-powered desalination plants, of course, and the new fleet of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) are ideal as they produce both thermal energy and electrical energy without producing greenhouse gases. Today, only 15 out of the thousands of desalination plants operating today worldwide are powered by nuclear. And did you know that all nuclear-powered naval vessels routinely use nuclear energy to desalinate seawater? So why aren’t we building the 1,500 nuclear-powered desalination plants? Lets make use of all those melting icebergs by turning them into fresh glasses of water.

France: Babies Born Without Arms

In rural areas of France several babies were born without arms. So far 9 babies have been found to be afflicted with this disability but the search for others continues. For now, the cause is being described as “congenital” but baby boomers remember the Thalidomide crisis nearly 60 years ago during which over 10,000 children were born with a range of severe and debilitating malformations. The cause of the present deformations is unknown and may never be discovered, which is very unsettling for the parents, to say the least. Let us hope that this is either a singular event or that the French authorities find out what caused this tragedy.